Premises liability suits are among the various types of personal injury cases in the United States. These cases regard when somebody gets hurt due to poor installation of areas on your property, and the victim decides to file a lawsuit. You are entitled to compensation if you get hurt on someone’s property by the property’s fault. Lately, the cases have increased worldwide, and discussed below are why.

Slip and Fall Accidents

This is the most popular type of premises liability accident where someone slips in an area around your property and acquires severe injuries. It may sound petty to most people, but it is a serious accident that can leave you with permanent life injuries or severe damage. The victim can inquire about compensation for medical bills and damage caused. When negotiations don’t work between both parties, the victim can hire a premises liability lawyer who can file a lawsuit for compensation. Nowadays, the slip fall cases are becoming numerous, thus the increase in the premises liability cases.

Fire Related Issues

When fire breaks out in apartments and causes damage to life to the tenants and their properties, they are responsible for filing a lawsuit against your poor fire outbreak mitigation measures. If the fire was caused by improper wiring of the building, if the building had no extinguishers and exit routes when the fire occurred, you can sue the management for the damage you suffered.

Elevator Accidents

Stairs can be risky, but elevators and escalators can be riskier for the people around them. The elevator can break, leading your leg to be stuck while waiting for help from the property owners. Your leg can suffer fractures and injuries from being stuck in the machine, and even worse scenarios can happen. In such cases, the victim can sue the property owner for having a faulty machine running. The property owner may require a property liability lawyer to represent them during the legal process. These cases occur daily, and to handle the lawsuits with ease, you require a professional, experienced attorney.

Swimming Pool Accidents

 Most privately owned premises have a swimming pool where people swim during summer and whenever they want to free their minds. Every swimming pool should have an instructor and a lifeguard checking on people and saving those who drown while swimming. In cases where someone drowns in the pool and dies or the pool water gets overflowed while people are in the pool and suffer injuries, they can pursue a case where you, as the property owner, will be required to reimburse the victims.

Criminal Activities

Some premises have a high level of security, while others claim to have security when they have none. Criminal activities like theft, harassment, drug dealing, and robberies can happen on property. If the criminal activities involve losing your peace of mind, you can build a case that involves parties like the property owner and your attorneys. If you happen to be a victim of a robbery, you can fight for your rights to be compensated for the loss incurred.

Falling Objects

Sometimes, accidents don’t result from accidentally slipping and falling. Accidents can occur from objects falling on people. This happens when construction is in progress, and things like rocks may fall onto people near the site. They can get bruises that require a lot of costs to treat, and the premises owner is responsible for paying all the expenses during the recovery process. Falling objects are involved, and issues related to naked wires being left exposed can cause electrocution.

Lawsuits regarding premises liability have been increasing as the years pass. The only way to reduce these issues is for the property owners to ensure that it is fully furnished and certified before leasing it to other parties. The causes of premises accidents can guide property owners on areas to work on to avoid getting sued.