What You Should Do After a Car Accident

Nobody wants to be involved in any form of car accident but in the unfortunate circumstance that you are it is important to know what to do. Whether it is a fairly large or minor incident, it is drilled into us by insurance companies to go through their process without involving any third party. Something we have probably all been guilty of. However whilst this always seems like the first protocol and there are a lot of helpful insurers out there, it is always worth hiring a car accident lawyer to make sure your claim is being handled correctly. If you are unsure on what to do after an accident, take a look at the processes we have included below.

Reporting/Secure Health

It goes without explaining that the most important thing is the health of everyone that is involved in a car accident. Calling emergency services will benefit you in multiple ways, obviously any form of injury will be attended to with medical help but the police will also create a report of the incident. Along with securing your health, police and medical reports can be vital when it comes to determining liability of the accident. Without any form of police or medical report, it becomes a case of you word against the third party’s which can prove difficult and a more drawn out process for yourself and your lawyer.


Gather as much evidence as possible when you have an accident. Take full information of the third party involved and take any photos that can bolster your defense should there be any question of liability. Any of this information could become vital to your lawyer when they are trying to determine the fault of the incident. Take photos of the other vehicles registration, any road markings, damage on both vehicles and any form of road information that could have led to the accident. The more evidence you have, the better the chance you have of proving the fault and the easier the process will be. Do everything you can to avoid an incident being settled by a war of words.

Accepting of Admitting

After an accident, your mind tends to be in a frantic state. So it is very easy to agree with whatever the third party is saying by apologizing or admitting liability without knowing the full facts. Yes, be civil, that goes without saying but do not say anything that can weaken your defense in the future. A lot of people will try to take advantage of you in those pressing moments. That unfortunately can be the case for many insurance companies. They will attempt to offer you a settlement whilst you are in said state that is a lot lower than what you could reclaim down the line. Before accepting or admitting anything you have to make sure that you have spoken to your car accident lawyer first. Only sign on the settlement once it has been fully discussed and your lawyer has confirmed it is a good idea. Don’t be threatened into submission.

The hope is that it never happens, but if you are involved in a crash, this is what you should be doing.