Top 5 Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Atlanta

Bicycle accidents happen more often than you might think. These accidents are often caused by a lack of proper safety measures, but all too often, they’re also blamed on the victim. 

In reality, cyclists are just as susceptible to serious injury or death as any other type of person, and with this post, we have compiled a list of the top five causes that lead to these unfortunate situations. However, despite the cause, you must seek the legal assistance of an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney if you are ever involved in a bicycle accident.

Let us now get straight into the common causes of bicycle accidents in Atlanta.

  1. Not using proper turn signals

This is the most common way that bicyclists are injured or killed in serious accidents. When turning or changing lanes, cyclists should use a turn signal to warn other road users of their intention. Unfortunately, many drivers are not used to seeing a cyclist who has turned or changed lanes, and they approach the rider on a collision course. 

  1. Not using proper lanes

It is imperative that the cyclist knows how to use the road to her advantage. There are certain lanes where a cyclist should ride. If you’re riding in the wrong lane and get into an accident with another vehicle, then you’re probably going to be blamed for the accident.

  1. Speeding or tailgating

Another common cause of bicycle accidents is drivers failing to maintain a reasonable distance from a cyclist. When you’re behind the wheel, it can be tempting to take up a position that allows you to see ahead of the cyclist. If you tailgate or speed, then your reaction time will be severely diminished and you may not have time to avoid an accident if something happens.

  1. Distracted driving

Distracted driving is another reason for car accidents, and this is something that applies to cyclists as well. You’re not only putting yourself at risk by engaging in distracted driving behaviors, but you’re also putting those around you in danger. 

  1. Driving under the influence

If you’re driving on a public road, then you should be aware of the effects associated with alcohol and drugs. It is a serious offense to drive while intoxicated. The term “distracted driving” can be a bit vague at times, and although you might feel in your head that you’re fine to drive, the bodily reactions associated with drugs and alcohol can lead to an accident.