Car crashes are severely annoying. Eventually, dealing with insurance firms, repair shops, and engaging in other legal matters is furthermore stressful. However, if you have the right information and knowledge, you can easily avoid some of these difficulties with the best car accident lawyer in Kent. When you have a car accident, you may want to take certain steps to ensure compliance with the law and the safety of other people and begin the insurance claim procedure. This blog post outlines six things to do after meeting with a car accident. Read on. 

Look for injuries

Major or minor, call the police. After the crash, inspect yourself for injuries. Call 911 or request assistance if you are hurt. If the damage is serious, try to maintain your cool. Avoid moving, and wait for immediate assistance.

Find Safety

Try to relocate to a sidewalk if you can. If it’s safe to drive, move your vehicle to the side of the street. If not, leave it there and find protection for yourself.

Wait for assistance

Ensure you switch on your brake lights after the collision. Look in your vehicle’s emergency kit for road flares. If you find any, use them to warn oncoming cars to slow down.

Information exchange

Communicate with the other driver and exchange contact and insurance details. When filing the claim, try to avoid bringing up who was at fault. Your insurance provider will examine the data and the damaged car and find supporting documentation. They will disclose who is at fault.

Document the accident 

Take down the information (badge number and name) of the responding policemen as soon as they arrive. Don’t forget to make a copy of the police officer’s accident report. The greatest approach to recording the scene is to take photographs.

Inform Your Insurance Company 

While you are on the accident site, you can notify your insurance provider that you want to file a claim. It is advantageous because they can explain in detail what you should do, what records and data you will require in order to file your case, and what results you should expect.


Even if you are an experienced driver, being involved in an accident can be upsetting in a number of ways. The aforementioned methods can nevertheless spare you from pointless anxiety. Furthermore, it will allow you to focus on negotiating with the insurance provider to get your car repaired as soon as possible.