Information You Need To Provide After A Vehicle Accident

If you have been involved in an accident on the road which wasn’t your fault it is always important that once you have received any necessary medical assistance, that you contact car or truck accident lawyers to help you to make a claim for compensation. The idea of compensation is to cover the costs which you may have incurred for medical bills or transport costs, and to support you with any lost wages which you have had.

When you first speak with the attorneys, the more information which you are able to provide them with about the accident, the better. This is the kind of thing which can help your case.

Basics of the Accident

 The first place to start is with the basic information around the accident, and you need to recall this information as best as possible. This should include the time of the accident, the location where it took place, where you were going and what happened in the run up and the seconds before the accident. This is exactly why it is so important that individuals involved make a police statement at the scene if they are able to, in order to capture this information.

Witness Statements

One of the best pieces of evidence which you can obtain is statement from witnesses who have seen the accident take place. If you are fit and able to after the accident then speaking with these people is very important, as it will help your case when you make a claim. You do not need to take these witness statements yourself, what you will need to do however is to take their name and contact details, and this is what you will hand to your legal team. The attorneys will then make sure that they contact the witnesses and help them to make a statement around what they saw.

Insurance Information

It is very common that after an accident you are contacted by the insurance team of the other driver. They do this so that they can hopefully resolve things quickly, and by spending as little money as possible. It is important that you don’t take any offer from an insurer, and that you pass this information on to your legal team and let them take care of it. There is nothing wrong with an insurance team contacting you in this way, but you should look to make a note of what was said and give that info to your lawyer.

Medical Reports and Costs

And finally it is important that you give the legal team all of the medical reports which you have received since your accident. Additionally you need to keep a note of how much you have incurred by way of costs. This could be as a result of lost income, transportation costs if you are unable to drive, insurance premiums and of course medical bills.

All of this information is critical in helping your legal team to build the best case for you.