Important lessons that no law school teaches

Important lessons that no law school teaches

To be honest, no school teaches anyone how to live in society. The math algebra problems we solved during our seventh grade never came to be of use! Well, that is how the world is and, unfortunately, it includes law schools too! 

The school that teaches different laws and jurisdiction fails to explain simple things to its students. Many law students learnt soft skills, way after graduation and mostly – through their experience, which could have been avoided while studying.

However, it’s never too late to unlearn and relearn. If you are looking for advice to improve your skill, you’re at the right place. Read below to understand your development areas,

The art of listening

Hearing them out is different from listening to them! Here, ‘them’ are nothing but your clients. When a potential client reaches you out – they are filled with raw emotions like rage, frustration, despair etc. Before you get all worked up about the case, listen to the client first – listen carefully.

We, as lawyers, always neglect what the client speaks the first time they meet. There is so much valuable information in the initial meeting that you save yourself a lot of research and paperwork. Empathize with the client while they let their emotions out. Allow them to have a safe space and find you approachable. This simple trick allows the client to trust you!

Promote yourself

The lawyers are led to believe that the more cases they win, the more popular they become amongst the public. It is how even the glamorous showbiz shows. However, that is seldom true! Numerous lawyers, though successful, rarely get back to back cases. It is because of the incorrect notion of them being pricey.

One way to change the misconceptions is by going out there in the virtual world and advertising yourself. Connect with the audience through social media and email marketing. Share your knowledge and expertise for the people to follow you. Contact them back via email and send them regular newsletters. 

Find email connections using the email search tool, This AI-powered tool can find email addresses within seconds. Use this tool to improve your efficiency as well as productivity!

The tough part

Lawyering is not easy because you keep dealing with people’s trauma. Most of them come to you to get justice either by punishing their offense or suing them for the damages. It takes a toll on mental health. During this time, you must maintain your calm to deal with the situation appropriately.

Sometimes the law is not the solution for your client. Maybe they just need some therapy or financial advisors to help them navigate difficult times. Take a stand and convey the same to the client. The conversation can be difficult but not impossible. Read the kind of personality your client has and communicate with them accordingly.


Lawyering is basically a trauma business. Several advocates face secondary trauma stress regularly. Maintain a work-life balance and get back to your hobbies to keep your head grounded. Allow yourself to be creative in this rather gray world!