Decide to separate, this is a way to get divorced couples well

Decide to separate, this is a way to get divorced couples well

not just parting ways to live each other’s lives. Before deciding to divorce, it is better if everything is well planned.

we don’t know what will happen before or after divorce. The right first step is to plan with people who can handle our problems.

So far, there is no exact reference for divorcee. However, some business experts believe, before divorce, it is best if we get guidance, both from an emotional health perspective and from a financial side.

So that someone is diligent in writing a journal after marriage. When we are divorced, the stories we write can help to remember the details of the problem and can be used as documentation in court.

Before divorce, careful preparation is needed.

1. Choose an amicable divorce option

Many options for divorce. It could be through ‘war’ in court, asking for the help of many people to get involved, or by means of mediation.

Take some time to think about the options. As much as possible choose a peaceful divorce path.

2. Be organized

During the divorce process, the decisions we make can affect our children and our future. The more organized it is, the better it is to produce a two-party agreement.

If necessary, enlist the help of a professional to assist and guide during the divorce process. One thing that needs to be organized is a financial plan. For example, projected monthly expenses after divorce and living in a separate house or making a list of assets and debts during marriage.

3. Take responsibility

Don’t be a passive observer. Since this is our divorce, it is our responsibility to take part and control the process.

Professionals can make choices, but we make our own decisions. If we are active, the divorce process may take a lot of time, cost little, and experience little stress.

4. Support

Support during the divorce process is needed so that we can deal with it in a healthy, constructive, and emotionally controlled way. Keep in mind, divorce does not mean we are isolated and alone, huh.

5. Stay in integrity

No matter how angry or feel betrayed, don’t let us get away with our best and break out of our own integrity. Even though it is difficult, we need to focus on taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that we can make the right decisions.

If necessary, ask a therapist for help, start exercising such as meditation, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and most importantly thinking positively.

6. Focus on the bigger picture

The decisions that must be made during the divorce process will affect us and our children in the future. So don’t get caught up in an argument or always try to be right.

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Nobody wins in divorce, but if we focus on the important ones like the children, we will stand a chance of a peaceful divorce.