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The “moral panic” drummed up within the press, worry and ignorance of the entire jail / rehabilitation course of is a contributing factor. It must be argued that the idea of eligibility is very important in the software of human rights in a democracy. Prisoners for example, usually are not eligible to vote, not eligible to liberty and so forth. They have primarily misplaced the flexibility for those rights to be utilized to them under sure circumstances for the sake of social order, punishment and safety. Does this concept of eligibility restrict democracy?

There is a pressure, even a contradiction, between democracy and safety of elementary human rights. The rigidity arises because, if human rights are actually “fundamental”, even democracy should not be in a position to override them. In this sense, elementary human rights impose a verify on democracy, and deliberately so. It is a fantasy that rights are ‘absolute trumps’ over majority preferences, aspirations or needs. Under human rights devices, rights are balanced in opposition to and restricted by other protected rights, and other non-protected values and communal wants.

As time progresses and the character of a normative society adjustments, values, deviant and moral actions change, the law modifications slowly after to accommodate for the change in society. Drinking alcohol and driving is an efficient contemporary example of this. When talking about The Constitution Justice Kirby says: The words [of the Constitution] take on their colour with the change in circumstance and attitudes


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It could possibly be argued that in war, genocide or other international atrocities it might be permitted for a democracy to behave in an un-democratic way. For instance, conscription and forced navy service, frozen property and restrictions on the free movement of peoples. Another argument for a limit placed on democracy happened in the Northern Territory Intervention by the Howard Government in 2008. To allow them to implement this intervention they needed to suspend the Racial Discrimination Actto enable this to happen. Allegedly, the rights of susceptible members in these societies, namely women and particularly kids, needed protecting a lot that the government needed to suspend a racism act to allow this to happen.

They who may give up important liberty to obtain slightly momentary security, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Is it necessary to limit the democratic voting rights of offenders in jail? It should be argued that the democratic proper of citizens of a rustic to have their say in the election course of is a elementary cornerstone of democracy and without it the country would not be a democracy. The Constitution Act implies this at s7 and s24 that the Senate and the House of Representatives be: It ought to be argued that the limits of this democratic process to sure members of society have been placed because of coverage concerns involving social normative ideals.

It would have to be strongly argued that that is in reality a racist motion, allowing for that it will have been an unlawful motion underneath the Act. The idea of a government suspending a certain law to allow them to breach that law appears to be a really doubtful and un-democratic factor to do.